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Our Approach

Our 5 Senses
Sound • Smell • Taste • Touch • Sight

Whether you are someone with PTSD, Autism, Dementia, etc...We all have different sensory needs and it can be intimidating to enter a space that doesn't cater to the ones we need.

Some of us love smells that others hate. Some of us prefer loud sounds and some of us need the quiet space to relax.


Blüm Lounge understands that and aims to provide a space where everyone can be comfortable. 

So, how is Blüm "Sensory Friendly"?

What you can expect at Blüm:

  • one on one assistance

  • natural and adjustable lighting 

  • scent-free nail polish

  • subtle smells

  • noise cancelling headphones

  • weighted blankets

  • eye masks

  • hammocks

  • nail stations with the option to close off with curtains for personal space

  • stress balls and other gadgets for you to unwind before, during, and/or after your beauty services

  • an additional quiet room, if you need some space and time alone

  • soothing wall colors 

  • quiet nail tools 

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