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Meet Our Team!

Serena Mulvihill
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Working with the Neurodivergent community for over 8 years, I have become very passionate about advocating for their rights and for the opportunities they are given. This has allowed me to see the deficit of services and places offered to those within the Disabled and Neurodivergent Communities, and is the ultimate reason I decided to create Blüm Lounge.

There’s nothing I want more than to make our society more inclusive.”

Email me with any questions!

Faith McGrath
Volunteer Program Coordinator/ Community Outreach Team

"Hi there! My name is Faith McGrath and I am currently studying for my Bachelors in Communication Studies at Biola University. I was born with a physical hand and arm anomaly called Radial Dysplasia. I am a diversity film actress and am currently signed with an acting agency that specializes in finding roles for the differently abled community.


My biggest passions in life are to help advocate for the differently abled community as well as bring awareness to those who work with the world differently. I was first attracted to Blüm when I heard about the different services they offer for those of different abilities, specifically their nail service opportunity. Coming from someone with a hand difference, nail salons always made me incredibly anxious.


I always wanted to try out the cute designs that I saw on Pinterest, but was constantly turned down by several nail salons saying that my finger nails were too small. Not only do I want to help bring awareness to the differently abled community, but I want to take part in a community that provides a safe and inclusive space where diversity is welcomed. I think the Blüm Lounge community can help me achieve my passions of wanting to advocate for those like me, as well as bring awareness to the lack of accommodations provided to those of all abilities."

Email me with any questions!

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Dr. Jonique Burton
Parent Advocate and Community Outreach Coordinator

"Hello my name is Dr. Jonique Burton. I am a life-long educator and have spent the past 20 plus years working and serving students, parents, and staff in the public education sector throughout various communities in Texas, Indiana, and California. I am passionate about mitigating the opportunity gap by facilitating courageous conversations and serving as a change agent with schools, teachers, administrators and families to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion.


As a parent of a child with Down Syndrome, I am dedicated to educating all audiences about students with disabilities and their ability to achieve in the least restrictive environment. With the onset of Blüm Lounge, I am excited about being a parent advocate for this organization. This sensory-friendly spa and salon will be a great asset to the community of Los Angeles." 

Email me with any questions!

Elizabeth Guha Roy

"Hello my name is Elizabeth Guha Roy and I am currently a student at the University of California Santa Barbara studying Economics and Accounting. Blüm’s mission to emphasize inclusivity and provide support to the disabled community aligns with my personal agenda.


As someone who has seen the plight of those with special needs, I would love to contribute to a team that works together to provide confidence and validation." 

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We are looking for:

Occupational therapists, estheticians, makeup artists and anyone with a heart to serve others! Interested in joining our team? Email us today!

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