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A sensory-friendly spa & salon® for girls and women of all abilities.


Why We Exist

Blüm Lounge is the first Sensory Friendly Spa and Salon®, in Los Angeles. Founder, Serena Joe, noticed the lack of inclusive beauty services for girls and young women with Autism, neurodivergence, sensory processing disorders, and physical disabilities. After doing extensive research while working as a Social Skills coach in the disabled community for years, she saw the need for self-esteem and confidence building within the Special Needs community. Click HERE to learn more. 

Historically, Neurodivergent women and girls, have been overlooked and this has resulted in a disparity of opportunities that are available to them. Serena believes that for  ALL women, having self-esteem is essential to being successful in life and in various social settings. After collaborating and consulting with occupational therapists, she set out to create the very first beauty service salon that welcomes all women, caters to their individual sensory needs, and provides health education classes for those who may be looking to learn more about how to improve their self-care regimens. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, welcomed, and understood. Blüm Lounge is determined to help make that happen and provides a place for women to bloom into their best selves!

Our Mission

Blüm Lounge encourages confidence and self-growth for women of all abilities by providing access to health education and a variety of sensory-friendly beauty services.

Our Vision

Blüm Lounge envisions a growing community of women of all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities that support each other in feeling valued, beautiful, and confident.

Our Values

Blüm Lounge values inclusivity. We welcome all ethnicities, genders, sexes, ages and physical abilities in our space and our community. We are committed to making Blüm Lounge a safe space for everyone.



"I was so excited when Serena contacted me to ask for my input and insight as an autistic individual myself - it really showed that she and Blum Lounge care about creating a salon that's sensory friendly. I love the concept and I just know it'll create more opportunities for autistic and neurodivergent folks to have a space to come to for self-care when most salons are really overwhelming. If I had access to something like this I would definitely be more open to going to a salon because I would be able to be myself and I know it was a salon set up for my unique needs."

Sonny Jane (they/them)
IG: @livedexperiencecounsellor

“A sensory friendly salon is a great idea.  It’s necessary that we have disability friendly beauty establishments like Blum lounge. They will cater to a population that is often forgotten about."

Ahlaysia Benders

IG: @ahlaysia_

"I was so happy when Blüm Lounge decided to reach out to me! As someone who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is so relieving and euphoric to see a salon that accommodates to those like me who need it. It’s happened countless times where i’m out in public and I get overwhelmed, including salons. The loud music and lots of people surrounding me instantly makes me shut down.  99.999% of public spaces do not accommodate or have any sensory sensitivity for those who are disabled or neurodivergent. Seeing a salon that values the comfort of those who need it the most fills and warms my heart. People like me deserve to be pampered and treated like royalty even if we’re not neurotypicals! It’s time we make accessibility to all forms of self care and Blüm Salón is a perfect way to start the change in the world."

Dreidynn Case (she/her)

IG: @thecurlymuffin

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